Sometimes I wish that the amazing stonewalls of the ancient Inca ruins could talk…

Visiting ancient Inca ruins in both Peru and Bolivia, I often find myself wishing that those proud stonewalls that still stands there could just tell me the stories of what happened in the past.

Foto: Terraces at Pisac, Peru

The walls and terraces were build by the Incas in a period of just about 90 years – from the beginning of the 15th century and until the Empire was conquered by the Spaniards in 1532. Standing there in the high Andes watching a mountain fortress or terraced hillside, so many questions about the past arises:

  • Who were the people who build this?
  • How did they manage to bring the immense granite blocks up the hill side?
  • How was the Empire organized?
  • Who were the rulers?
  • Why did this it all fall so fast when a small group Spaniards invaded it?

Maybe you have been asking some of the same questions? On this website, I do my best to answer them.  

My wish to find out more about the people who inhabited this part of South America before the Spanish conquest has been quite strong. Over the years I did read most of the literature that I could find about the topic – both books that I brought in local bookstores in Lima, Cuzco and La Paz (I have often travelled back to Europe with quite a heavy backback) and those I could find in the Royal Library in Copenhagen - the city where I live.


Inca Rulers
Inca Rulers
History of the Incas - The Overview
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